About This Blogsite

What Am I Publicly Publishing?

As part of my second year of my B Media (Communications & Media) degree at UNSW, I am taking up the subject  ‘ARTS2090 Publics and Publishing’ for Semester 1 2011

Throughout the duration of this course, this blog will encompass a variety of different posts about my reflections and analysis on several key topics and readings relating to ‘Publics and Publishing’ subject.

Funnily enough, I’m publishing. I’m “publicly publishing” to use the alliterative term. This blog is my published work. So, not only is this blog intended for the ARTS2090 course and my personal understanding of the various topics, but it’s an open blog for anyone and everyone to gain a little insight into things about ‘Publics and Publishing’, so if you choose to read, I hope you get an enjoyable and experience out of it!


Luis C


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